BuddyHit Balance Board Trainer Pro w/ TPE Yoga Mat Blue Colorway

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BuddyHit Balance Board Trainer Pro w/ TPE Yoga Mat Blue Colorway - Wobble Board for Surf, Hockey, Snowboard - Balancing Training Equipment Challenging Fitness

IMPROVE BALANCE & STRENGTH: Designed to help improve balance, posture, agility, and stability, but also functions as a powerful piece of fitness workout equipment to strengthen your core, effectively improve the core and balance skills. Helpful to stretch ligaments and tendons in the legs and sculpting legs, hips, lower back & abs. Also great to build better balance for all kinds of board sports.

STURDY WOODE BOARD & ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The balance board trainer Pro(29"×11"×0.8") made with 10 layers of high toughness wood, and Anti-Slip sandpaper surface with perfect logo prints. Comfortably use barefoot, with socks, or with shoes. But keep help you in place safely and securely. Weight rating of 360lbs+.

BUILT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS WITH ADDITIONAL TPE YOGA MAT: Easier for beginner at first with our TPE yoga mat and also helps intermediate users to improve more skill, Incorporate the Buddyhit Balance Board trainer pro into your fitness routine, yoga practice or board sport training. Great on different types of flooring, including wood, carpet, cork, concrete and more.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Used to improve skills in surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing and training for fitness, hockey, basketball, golf, yoga and general sports training. Our balance board trainer offers a fun, Low-Impact total body workout experience at home, especially during the off-season or when outdoor conditions are poor.

FUN AND EFFECTIVE WORKOUT: The balancing board is a good piece of home workout gear with a fun and challenging. Saving time in the gym, bring the surf to your living room, Imaging watching TV and training core at the same time, it’s a great gifts for not just the adults but also kids can enjoy it!

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Buddyhit Balance board has gone through rigorous testing by our company and so many professional athlete to assure it's safety and durability. We have ensured that our board won't break or won't scratched you and your floors. Buying from BuddyHit, we are confident in the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. This product can be returned within a 30 day risk free period covered by our free returns policy.