Buddyhit Seated Balance Board Core Trainer

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Buddyhit Seated Balance Board Core Trainer – Balance Tool for The Pelvic Floor Core Strength and Stability Helps Relief Activate deep core Muscle

CHALLENGES DYNAMIC STABILITY – An exercise equipment that can be used for exercises including pelvic tilts,V-sit, and easily move in all planes , to encourage exploration of pelvic movement and body awareness, limiting the movement of your leg and focus all in the hips and pelvic.

ACTIVATE DEEP CORE MUSCLES – Designed to perform exercises that help target inner core muscles, helping you activate deep core muscles for strengthening and integration into functional movement. like pelvic floor and transverse abdominis and promote coordination of inner and outer core muscles for functional movement,unlock pelvic mobility to relife back pain.

VARIETY OF USES – Designed to be used in seated or supine positions; ideal for physical therapy, core conditioning, mind-body exercises and help others achieve flexibility, strength, and symmetry in the lower back, pelvic floor, and core—in order to prevent pain. Stretch to increase flexibility of the lumbar spine and improve hip movement, Realigned uneven hips, a rotated or tilted pelvis, or a curved lumbar spine, Release tight hip flexors and a tight piriformis muscle.

PROFESSIONAL GRADE MATERIALS – Features a slip-resistant base that allows for use on all surfaces, also it comes with a Demonstration video and DM showing mutiple workouts that can be done using the Pelvic Rocker. "MADE IN TAIWAN"

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